Artist: Hillsong
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Intro:D A Bm G D A Em G A Verse 1: D A My Jesus, My Savior, Bm G Lord there is none like you D All of my days, I want to A praise, Em G The wonders of your mighty A love Verse 2: D A My comfort, My shelter, Bm G Tower of refuge and strength D Let every breath, A all that I am, Em G A Never cease to worship you Chorus: D Bm Shout to the Lord G A all the earth let us sing D Bm Power and majesty G A praise to the king D Bm Mountains bow down G A and the seas will roar A A7 at the sound of your name D Bm I sing for joy G A at the work of your hands D Bm Forever I'll love you G A forever I'll stand D Bm Nothing compares G A D to the promise I have in You (Repeat All)