Artist: Jesus Culture

Intro: D///|////|Gma7///|//// - (2X) Verse 1: D There's nothing worth more Gma7 that could ever come close, No thing can compare, D You're our living Hope, Gma7 Your presence, Lord Verse 2: D I've tasted and seen Gma7 of the sweetest of loves, When my heart becomes free D and my shame is undone, Gma7 Your presence, Lord Chorus: D Holy Spirit You are welcome here, Gma7 Come flood this place Em7 and fill the atmosphere, D Your glory God is what our hearts long for, Gma7 Em7 D To be overcome by Your presence, Lord Instrumental: D Gma7 Em7 (Repeat Verse 1) (Repeat Verse 2) (Repeat Chorus 2X) Instrumental: D Gma7 Em7 - (2X) Bridge: - (3X) Gma7 D/F# Em7 Let us become more aware D/F# of Your presence Gma7 D/F# Em7 Let us experience the glory of D/F# Your goodness Instrumental: Gma7 - 8counts (Repeat Chorus - 2X) Instrumental: D Gma7 Em7 - (4X) (Repeat Chorus) Ending: D Gma7 Em7 - (3X) D